An Ode to Adventure

It’s the tremble of a beginning,

the choking of what if’s

The icy fingertips of fear

As you throw caution to the wind.

An entanglement of wonder,

Wrapped up in possibilities

and childish delight

As you step away from the path.

It’s the freedom of anonymity

and a shoe on the other foot

that is the humble window

Of privilege, fortune and fate.

It’s the winding river,

a world in the canopy above

and the roaring wind

that is nature uninterrupted.

It’s a smile,

cracked, sunburnt and real

laughing from the belly

Lighting up from the inside out.

It’s a baby on a bus,

and a man on a stoop

all strangers to begin with

That make this world.

It’s a breath,

a moment

and a choice

we make

to live.




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