One might wonder what sets me apart from the multitude of travel bloggers out there at the moment… nothing does – except for my terribly lame sense of humour and every attempt to make a play on words.

I write because I love to. I travel because I love to. The aim of this blog is to open up little parts of the world for anyone who’s interested. Take you from your living room; train ride or lunch break and drop you smack bang in a place you’ve always wondered about. As an ex travel agent –  I like to provide advice on travel but as an adventurer? I want to bring you along for the journey.

What makes me different?


Why do I do it?

Because I can.

And that reason alone, is what gives wings to my feet and feeds my never ending curiosity. It drives me to feel Saharan winds on my face; look up to Everest in person and laugh through hand mime with a Spanish baker.

Why don’t you join me?