Brief Beijing and My First Moments in Mongolia

If Beijing and Ulaanbatar were people, then Beijing is a cheery teen in daisy dukes and a slogan t-shirt proclaiming something peppy and positive like; “YAY! It’s summer! (An actual slogan I saw on the subway). Ulaanbatar, on the other hand, is a beaming tank of a guy in a snapback and black puffer jacket, who looks as though he could just as easily squish … Continue reading Brief Beijing and My First Moments in Mongolia

All Aboard the Overnighter

I’ve been placed in a sound capsule. The only noise is the whir of a fan and the buzz of air conditioning. My seat – which doubles as my bed – is a padded maroon vinyl bench. There’s 8 of us in our compartment, all currently subdued by the sedative motion of the train. We’ve been travelling for 14 hours and there’s another 3 and … Continue reading All Aboard the Overnighter