Making your way to The Med

Dubrovnik and Dalmatian Coast anyone? What about my oh my Mykonos and going gaga for the Greek islands? Perhaps you want to travel down the less trampled path (ha!) to Turkey? You’re salivating to set sail and you’ve thrown caution to the wind (or rather your credit card to the wolves) and now, you’re going to have your own aquatic based adventure aboard a boat of some description, ANY description… but how do you know where to go? Continue reading Making your way to The Med

That’s Amore: A Travel Insider’s Guide To Rome

1. Make Rome your first European stop Why? Because airport taxes are cheaper in Rome than London or Paris. It is also closer to Australia so that means less time in the air. Be airfare savvy and take advantage of cheaper pricing. Colosseum. Tick! (Image: Getty) 2. Get a Roma Pass Rome has a lot of monuments, museums and magical places. So see them with the Roma … Continue reading That’s Amore: A Travel Insider’s Guide To Rome

Singapore In 60 Hours

My time in Singapore was to be brief. In fact, my companions and I had the challenge of seeing as much as possible in 60 hours. Now, who doesn’t love a good challenge? First up; people will tell you Singapore is clean and you may have trouble fathoming that – particularly as clean is certainly not the first word to come to mind when one thinks ‘Southeast Asian … Continue reading Singapore In 60 Hours